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Our Alliance With the Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Founder of de Montaigne Strategic Consulting, Jason Thomas has Gold Mastery Certification with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, and is extensively trained in the globally respected Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management.

The Haines Centre is a leading-edge global alliance providing organisations with strategic and systems thinking principles.

With offices in 10 countries across the world, including USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, it offers authoritative knowledge from its large pool of master consultants, trainers and facilitators.

It also has a knowledge base of over 150 organisations that apply the Systems Thinking Approach to their business model.

About Jason Thomas

Extensive Experience and Qualifications in Strategic Management

Founder of de Montaigne Strategic Planning, Jason Thomas has over 30 years senior leadership, operational and planning roles across the military, public and private sectors in the areas of business development, training, research and development, engineering, supply chain and risk management.

He has instructed on strategic and operational planning at the Australian Defence College, and has worked as a program office director overseeing major capital projects – one of which resulted in a state award for management excellence,

Jason holds Honours in Mechanical Engineering, and Masters qualifications in engineering science, strategy and government administration plus short course qualifications in risk management, business ethics and organisational design among others. He also has Gold Mastery Certification with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management.

Who is Michel de Montaigne?

 There is no desire more natural than the desire for knowledge.

Michel de Montaigne.

The wisdom of the 16th-century philosopher French writer and philosopher, Michel de Montaigne and his belief in the human capacity for self-assessment, honesty, and compassion is the inspiration for our company name, and has helped establish our core values.

Known for popularising the essay as a literary genre, de Montaigne influenced many other writers including Ralph Waldo Emerson and possibly Shakespeare.

In his free-ranging essays, Montaigne explained his observations on a wide range of subjects, such as thought, motivation, fear and child education, and he continues to be studied and widely read across the globe.