Frequently Asked Questions

What can de Montaigne Strategic Consulting offer that I don’t already have?

We can provide a tailored approach to your strategic planning requirement at a very reasonable cost. From day one, you will have a single point of contact for ease of communication and maximum efficiency. Your de Montaigne consultant will guide you through the process and take responsibility for completing the majority of the work required. This is in contrast to many other larger consultancies who place a principal consultant only at customer touch points and at final document review.

You will receive a complete package to meet your requirements as quoted, and as we train you in all aspects of ongoing management and implementation of your plan, you should not require any further work from us.  However, we will be available if you feel that you need ongoing mentoring.

Due to my hectic daily schedule I have little time to spare to engage with a strategic planner. Can you still work with this situation?

We completely understand that for senior executives, time is always tight. Thus we conduct the initial stage of the Haines system “plan to plan” pro-bono to allow both parties to find a mutually achievable path to a successful strategy. It is important to note, that ultimately this has to be your plan, and we can work with you to help you prioritise your time so that you can successfully work through it.

Strategy and operational success may go hand-in-hand with leadership, but as the saying goes: “Strategy is simple, but simple things can be difficult”. The hardest part of any strategy is committing to its design and implementation. Finding the time and space to start this journey is an important enabling step.

How flexible in terms of location and time are you?

We are flexible with where we need to travel (travel expenses charged at cost) and the time you have available for on-site consultation, interviews and, when required, training. Phone and video link-ups are also an option.

How do I get my team on board with this process?

In our experience, the Haines system sells itself, with management and staff quickly understanding the benefits of working towards a robust future vision and how this fits with their operations and day-to-day activities. Of course, there will always be those who wish to adhere to the status quo, but they are in the minority, and can usually be swayed with a greater understanding of the wider vision.

What guarantees do I have that this will improve my business outcomes?

Our motto “examine, consider, evolve” encapsulates what we are about, and through this process we will challenge your assumptions, and ask you to reflect on the lessons of your journey so far to ensure that what you see as your current state is accurate. As well as assisting you with the development of a viable strategic vision and operational plan, we will recommend any necessary major organisational and process changes.

A robust strategic plan does not guarantee success, but not having one certainly increases the risk of failure. A key failure criterion of emergent organisations is their inability to transition from the innovation, creation stage to structured business. A strategic plan will assist this and help you maintain that spark that is your passion for your work.