• Jason Thomas - Operational Planning

Helping Your Business Gain a Sustainable and Competitive Edge

deMontaigne Strategic Consulting provides robust strategic planning and training services to small to medium-sized enterprises, not-for-profit organisations and government departments.

If your business is experiencing growth, we can work alongside you to develop and implement a sustainable plan to help reach your vision of success and profitability.

Examine – Consider – Evolve is at the core of all we do, and the steps you will need to take to move your business to the next level.

The result will be a stronger and smarter version of your business, and a definite framework for where it needs to be and how to achieve that.

Why Choose De Montaigne Strategic Consulting?

We use the internationally recognised Systems Thinking Approach that has been developed by the Haines Centre for Strategic Management – a leading-edge, global alliance providing organisations with strategic and systems thinking principles.

The Haines system provides a framework for you to create a viable and unique strategic vision, and gives you the skills and knowledge necessary to roll out the plan to successfully achieve that vision over a multi-year cycle.

People own what they help create! Rather than placing key decision makers at the end of the process as many strategic planners do, we focus on a ‘parallel involvement process’. This means that as senior managers, you will learn how to own your strategy, and cascade down the key objectives and success measures to other management so they in turn can create and drive their business area plans.

The system also demands that the process is continuously monitored and refined based on internal performance and any changes to your organisation’s operating environment.


Jason has an excellent ability to draw together grand-strategic themes and concepts into the everyday to make it relevant, applicable and most importantly, useful.  His direct approach and style are both refreshing and very practical – particularly when dealing with esoteric and high-level concepts

Jason has a perceptive, incisive mind coupled with a disciplined but broad-ranging world view. He is collaborative, and values diverse thinking.  I believe most organisations would benefit from his strategic acumen

There is no desire more natural than the desire for knowledge.

French writer and philosopher, Michel de Montaigne

Key Benefits of Our Approach

Better business outcomes:

Our approach allows you to achieve and sustain superior business
results including higher profits and enhanced market share.

Self-sustaining knowledge:

Your staff benefit from extensive training in a proven internationally-
tested methodology that will help build your own internal capabilities.

Greater value:

We will develop an advisory team from affiliated partners to suit your
needs and budget. You gain the expertise and reach of large,
well-known consulting firms without their overhead costs.

Partnering With Purpose and Clarity

Founder of de Montaigne Strategic Planning, Jason Thomas has over 30 years’ experience working in senior leadership roles across the military, public and private sectors.

As a specialist in strategic planning, change management, organisational analysis and risk review, Jason will work collaboratively with you, and can also call on the expertise of a global partner network and local specialists across a wide range of areas including IT, leadership profiling and marketing to meet your specific needs.